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3.3 Effects of Agriculture and Climate Change on Prairie Wetlands
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4.1 Aquatic Invertebrate Diversity

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Biodiversity in Alberta's Wetlands

Wetlands Silhouette

Section 4.1 Aquatic Invertebrate Diversity

Aquatic Invertebrate Diversity

Summary of regional patterns in aquatic invertebrate abundance, richness, and diversity.

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Section 4.2 Status of Amphibians

Status of Amphibians

Summary of the occurrence of amphibian species in Alberta's wetlands, as well as modelling results for four species.

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Section 4.3 Methods Spotlight: Amphibian eDNA

Methods Spotlight: Amphibian eDNA

Summary of the collection and analysis of environmental DNA, and monitoring results for four of Alberta's amphibian species.

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Section 4.4 Status of Wetland-associated Mosses

Status of Wetland-associated Mosses

Summary of the effects of human disturbance on wetland-associated bryophytes as measured by the Biodiversity Intactness Index. 

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